Lijiang hiking: Tiger Leaping gorge, Lugu Lake and Stone City 6-7 days

Baoshan Stone City

Hike the magnificent mountains of Yunnan and spend the night in minority villages. Enjoy the clean air, the peace and quiet. The trek through the Tiger Leaping gorge is popular but surely not touristy as all tourgroups stay on the lower road and don’t go trekking. The combination with the trek from Baoshan Stone city all the way to Lugu lake is great for people wanting to spend more time hiking on less travelled paths.

Day 1 from Lijiang with guide and public bus or private car to Qiaotou, trek in the Tiger Leaping gorge on the high path for 5-6 hours
Day 2 trek down 3-4 hours to Walnut Grove on the lower path, take the ferry across the Yangste river, take a private car to Boashan Stone City
Day 3-4-5-6 trek in 5 days to Lugu Lake
Day 7 arrive at Lugu Lake
Day 8 public bus or private car from lugu lake to lijiang (about 6-7 hr ride)

If you have less time we can shorten the trek.

Price: for 2 people with public bus on day 1 and day 8 is 4550 Chinese RMB per person
Price for 2 people with private car on day 1 and day 8 is 4900 Chinese RMB per person

Included in the price:
Transport according to program (private car/ public bus)
Overnight in basic room in basic guesthouses or with local families, sometimes with public bathroom
Simple melas during the trek from Stone city to Lugu lake on day 3-6, after arrival at Lugu lake meals are own costs.
(basic) English speaking guide for the treks

Entrance fees for the Tiger leaping gorge and Lugu lake
Horses for carrying luggage
Meals during the trek in the tiger leaping gorge
accomodation in Lijiang
Tips for guide and drivers (in case of private cars)

Meer foto’s op Facebook van de Stone city naar Lugu lake trek

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