Yuanyang riceterraces and colourful markets in depth 14 days

This trip is suitable for people who love minority markets in less travelled areas. You will go from the north east of Yunnan all the way down to the subtropical borderarea with Vietnam. The more you go south the more lush the vegetation gets. As you get off the beaten track you will meet more traditionally dressed people. The markets are a photographer’s paradise. This however is not a standard trip and every day involves quite a bit of driving (about 4 hours a day) and hotels can be very basic. This trip is with private car and English speaking guide as you will hardly find English speakers here.

Trip in days

Day 1

Arrival at Kunming airport, private car to the Stone Forest and Luoping which is famous for its bright yellow canola fields.

Day 2

Stay in Luoping

Day 3

Drive to Puzhehei, an area with karstmountain landscapes and rivers.

Day 4

Drive to Jianshuiand stay in a beautiful hotel, once the residence of a wealthy family

Day 5

Drive to Yuanyang and see the sunset across the riceterraces

Day 6

Visit a local colourful minority market and hike the riceterraces

Day 7

enjoy the sunrise, visit a small Yi and Hani market and drive to Jinping

Day 8

Market of Red hat Yao, drive to the border with Vietnam

Day 9

Vietnamese border market of other Yao tribes, drive to another small town

Day 10

Market of Indigo Yao, drive to Laomeng

Day 11

Market of Yi (different branch), drive to Honghe

Day 12

Stay in Honghe

Day 13

To Shiping and Jianshui

Day 14

To Kunming, on the way a stop in a Mongolian village


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