Yuanyang riceterraces, markets and Jianshui old Qing houses 4 days

Yuanyang riceterraces

This trip takes you to the unknown south-east of Yunnan to the area bordering Vietnam. It is home to many minorites like the Hani, Yi, Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Dai. You will meet them on the very colourful and busy markets in small villages. The trip starts and ends in Kunming but you can also continue your trip on to Vietnam.

The surroundings of Yuanyang with the high riceterraces are impressive. The terraces are centuries old and made by the Hani people. Although sometimes steep, they are suitable for walks and on the way you will pass small villages and local people with their waterbuffaloes working on the fields.

On your way to Yuanyang you will visit Jianshui, known for its traditional architecture. A fine example is the restaured ancestral home of the Zhu family, a classic example from the Qing-dynasty (1644-1911) with its many buildings, ponds and gardens. Just outside Jianshui, in the middle of a farming village lies Tuanshan with another 100 years old unrestaured family compund with residents still living inside. In this area you can also find a Qing dynasty bridge.

From Jianshui we drive to the riceterraces in the south east of Yunnan. The roads get emptier and more mountainous. This area is home to many minorities like the Hani, Yi, Miao, Yao, Zhuang and Dai. They live a traditional life and many dress in colourful clothes. The Yi-women for example do their own embroidery and wear typical headdresses. The Hani wear dark-blue clothes which are decorated with coins traditionally given to the daughters by their mothers. The Yao-women often shave their heads and wear red pointed hats and together with their colourful embroidered trousers they look very special. Another subgroup of the Yao are more soberly dressed in black with pink accents. You will meet them on the colourful markets held at specific days which change every month.

Trip in days

Day 1

Departure from Kunming in the morning to Yuanyang, on the road visit a Dai village and the riceterraces

day 2

Yuanyang: visit a colourful market in the morning, see the rice terraces and make a gentle hike on the rice terraces

Day 3

Drive from Yuanyang to Jianshui and visit villages on the road. After arrival in Jianshui, visit Tuanshan village and the double dragon bridge

Day 4

Visit a tofu workshop, the ancient wells, Confucius temple, Chaoyang gate and return to Kunming, visiting on the way a Mongolian village


2 people- 4900 Chinese RMB per person
Incl: private car and driver, guide, accomodation
Excl: meals, entrance fees, hotel in Kunming

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Yuanyang riceterraces

Black Yao lady