Chengdu: Leshan and Tibetan Buddhas in Tagong

Chengdu is a perfect base for travelling into the Tibetan areas of Sichuan. This trip takes you back in time to the fascinating museum of Sanxingdui on to the impressive Buddha standing along the river in Leshan. The next day you will climb the mountain of Emeishan (or take the cablecar) to visit the temples. After a long day’s drive you will arrive in the small Tibetan town Tagong. Surrounded by green rolling grasslands, grazing yaks and dotted with Tibetan monasteries this is a real taste of Tibet.

Trip in days

Day 1

transfer from Chengdu airport to hotel

Day 2

Visit with car and guide to the panda breeding centre and to the Sanxingdui museum which shows intriguing masks dating back to the 12th and 11th century B.C.

Day 3

Car and guide to Leshan to visit the big Buddha, on the road visit the small town Huanglongxi which still has an old part with grey brick buildings

Day 4

Car and guide to Emeishan to visit the monasteries on the mountain slope

Day 5

Drive to Kangding and to Tagong, this is a long driving day

Day 6

Day in Tagong, visit Tagong monastery and Heping Fahui monastery

Day 7

Optional trip: take a horse trip for the day to trek up to Zhangkhar monastery

Day 8

back to Chengdu, this is a long driving day


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