Yading National Park (from Chengdu or Shangrila, Lijiang, Dali)

Yading five colour lake

The landscape in Yading Nature Reserve is simply stunning and it is truly one of the most beautiful areas on the Tibetan Plateau. It is unique with its three holy snowcapped mountains, blue glacier lakes, evergreen forests, fast moving clear rivers, and grasslands dotted with purple and yellow flowers. It lies on an altitude of 4000 m (and higher) in the Tibetan Kham region of Sichuan. Whether you want to stay lower for an easy stroll on the grasslands with a view on the mountains or do a more difficult hike up to Milk lake and the Five Colour lake at 4300 m, it can all be done and you won’t be disappointed by either.

In order to get used to the altitude of 4000 m it’s best to drive up from lower areas like Dali (1900 m), Lijiang (2400 m), Shangrila (Zhongdian) 3200 m, Xiangcheng (2900 m) and then take the smooth new road on to Yading through an amazing landscape of green rolling hills, dotted with yaks and scattered, authentic Tibetan villages, all built in their own unique way. If you’re short on time you can take a flight to Chengdu from Yading airport. If not, you can continue your trip overland to Litang, Kangding and finish in Chengdu.

Day 1 private car with(out) guide from Shangrila to Xiangcheng
Day 2 private car with(out) guide to Yading national park, upon arrival make easy walks in the lower area of Yading to the grasslands, Chong Gu monastery and a small lake
Day 3 make a trek up to Milk lake and the Five Colour Lake (4300 m)
Day 4 take a flight from Yading to Chengdu or keep driving to Litang, Tagong, Kanding on to Chengdu (allow 3-4 days more)

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Yading The Scream

Yading snow mountain

Yading Chong Gu monastery

Yading purple grasslands

Yading river view

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