Yunnan golden snub-nosed monkeys

China Yunnan golden snub nosed monkeys
During this trip you have the fantastic opportunity to see the cute Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys, a highly endangered species which were almost extinct.

Nowadays there are only about 2,500 snub-nosed monekeys left living in the wild. You’ll be guaranteed to see the golden snub-nosed monkeys as about 50 of them are being fed every morning while being monitored for both scientific and tourism purposes. This setup allows the rest of the population to live their wild life deeper in the forest on the steep, green hillslopes of Baimang Snow Mountain Nature Reserve. Not only do the the snub-nosed monkeys have intriguing human like faces with red lips but while running and swinging around they also make little, cute noises sometimes almost like cats do. All in all a fascinating experience.

You can do this trip directly from Lijiang but while being there we highly recommend the sidetrip to Liming. After the visit to the snub-nosed monkeys you can either go to Lijiang, Dali, Shangrila or go up further towards the Tibetan border via Cizhong, the Tibetan village with the Catholic church and all the way up to Deqin which is about 200 km from the Tibet-Yunnan border.

Day 1: Lijiang to Liming
Day2: Liming to Tacheng
Day 3: Tacheng to Lijiang or Dali or Shangrila or Deqin
China Yunnan golden snub nosed monkeys

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