Dali daytrip: Yi minority, market and temple trip

Yi mountain villageThese bigger and smaller markets only run on certain days and are not touristy. In case there is no market we will take you to another nice, non-touristy village with old houses. The trip will be guided by Henriette Buist or Jim (Jim’s Tibetan Hotel). These experienced guides will take you to places you would otherwise not see. Through their wealth of knowledge you will have a most interesting and enjoyable trip!

Yi market
This full daytrip goes to the minority markets of the Yi-people. They are one of the biggest minority groups in Yunnan but one of the least known because they usually live in the mountains. They only come down for special occasions like markets or festivals.Through booking this trip you directly support the Yi village.

Every month on certain days bigger and smaller markets take place. They sell everything from pigs, cows and waterbuffaloes to vegetables, medicine, farming tools, tobacco etc. Besides the Yi people you will meet the local people doing their shoppings and farmers walking their animals to the market. The Yi-women wear traditional clothes with beautiful, colourfully embroidered. The young unmarried girls wear self-made flower headdresses.

During this trip we will also visit a small Yi village which lies off the road, walking past beautiful riceterraces. In the village are usually some women around who look after the children. A special custom in the village is the steaming of eucalyptus treeleaves in a big ton to make oil. If you’re lucky you’ll be there at the right time and have a chance to join a celebration with one of the families like the birth of a baby, a marriage or a local girl who has been admitted into a university.

Muslim village & Buddhist temple
After a visit to the market we share a tasty lunch in a small muslim village. We conclude our daytrip with a local Buddhist temple, hidden in the ricefields. It’s a peaceful place and inside the main temple are numerous statues who look surreal, one has very long legs, one an arm that reaches into the sky and another has eyebrows till the ground. After this colourful visit we’re heading back to Dali.

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1800 yuan total for 1-4 people, 5-6 people 2200 yuan total. Special rates for larger groups.
Including: all private transport, guide, lunch, temple fees

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