Dali: boattrip Erhai lake and Bai villages

Erhai lake island

This daytrip shows you daily countryside life in the villages around Dali from a non-touristy side. The trip will be guided by Henriette Buist or Jim (Jim’s Tibetan Hotel). These experienced guides will take you to places you would otherwise not see. Through their wealth of knowledge you will have a most interesting and enjoyable trip!

This full daytrip first takes you to Xizhou, also known as ‘small old Dali’ because it looks like Dali many years before. Mainly inhabited by Bai people, Xizhou has an old part with houses more than a hundred years old. They are built in traditional style with Dali marble and black and white paintings on the walls and above the wooden doors. After visiting the Xizhou morning market we will have a look in one of the oldest houses with a beautiful courtyard.

Erhai lake
After this we take local transport, a horse cart, to get us back to the car. We drive to the boat pier, have lunch on a local boat and cross Erhai lake. After an hour’s boatride we land at Shuanglang at the other side. We will drive along the ricepaddies to an off the beaten track Bai village. We will visit a a local Bai farmers family and a Bai Buddhist temple. After all these impressions of village life we drive back by car along the lake through picturesque Bai villages.

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Price: 2200 yuan total for 1-4 people, 5-6 people 2500 yuan total. Special rates for larger groups.
Included: all transport incl local boat, lunch, guide

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