Car to Yi village, market and Buddhist temple

Chinese temple

The area you’re going to is definitely non-touristy. First you will visit a small Yi village which lies off the main road, walking past beautiful riceterraces. In the village are usually some women around who work in the fields and look after the children. A special custom in the village is the steaming of eucalyptus treeleaves in a big ton to make oil.

Colourful market and hidden temple
On certain days there are colourful local markets in the area. They sell everything from pigs, cows and waterbuffaloes to vegetables, traditional medicine, farming tools and tobacco. Besides the Yi people you will meet the local people doing their shoppings and farmers walking their animals to the market. After lunch in a muslim village you will go to a peaceful Buddhist temple tucked away behind a farmer’s village. It’s a peaceful place and inside the main temple are numerous statues which look surreal, one has very long legs, one an arm that reaches into the sky and another has eyebrows till the ground. After this colourful visit we’re heading back to Dali.


1-4 people total 650 Chinese rmb, 5-6 people 750 Chinese rmb (9 a.m.-17 p.m.)
Incl: car and (Chinese speaking) driver, donation for temple and Yi village
Excl: lunch, guide

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