Dali- Shaxi & Shibaoshan- Lijiang 1-2 days

Shaxi Bai women
To travel from Dali to Lijiang or the other way around, we can arrange a private car with driver (no guide) directly (about 3 hours) or with stops on the way in the Bai village Shaxi or Shibaoshan temple (1 or 2 days). Both routes are scenic and mountainous. If you want to have a more relaxed trip and you want to spend a quiet afternoon in a countryside village we recommend changing the trip into a 2 day trip and staying overnight in Shaxi. We can also pick you up in other places like Shuhe.

Full daytrip: you’ll leave around 8 a.m. and arrive end of the afternoon. If you do the trip in one day with both Shaxi and Shibaoshan it’s a long, intense day. In that case we recommend to stay overnight in Shaxi, it’s a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the fresh air.

Shaxi is a pleasant Bai village surrounded by ricefields and you can easily walk or bike to the other close by villages. The village has managed to preserve the authentic traditional Bai houses.

Shibaoshan temple is a former monastery where ancient Buddhist statues can be admired. The sculptures represent so-called king-gods who used to have both political and religious power. It’s a true miracle that these statues have survived the cultural revolution and for people interested in Buddhist sculptures not to be missed. Shibaoshan is also an important place for Bai Buddhist pilgrims to get together on Buddhist and local festivals.

Both Dali and Shaxi used to be on the Tea Horse Road, an old caravan route through Yunnan. It got its name because Tibetan ponies were traded against Chinese tea, a practise that dates back to the times when horses were important for China to fight against the warring nomads in the north. On these ‘southern silk roads’, tea, salt and grains were transported on high mountain roads and both horses and porters carried heavy loads. The porters sometimes carried over 60–90 kg, which was often more than their own body weight in tea. Places like Dali, Weishan and Shaxi used to be stepping stones on these traderoads. Tea, salt and grains went to India via Burma, to Tibet and to central China via Sichuan.

Full daytrip from Dali to Lijiang with stops in Shibaoshan temple and Shaxi

You either drive via Shaxi or via Shibaoshan temple. If you want to do both it will be a very long day and in that case we’d recommend to stay overnight in Shaxi. All in all it’s about 6 hrs driving plus sightseeing time 2,5 hrs. Time to spend in Shaxi: 1 hour, time to spend in Shibaoshan: 1,5 hrs. From Dali 8 a.m. departure, arrival in Lijiang about 18:00 p.m. You can also start this trip in Lijiang.

Price: 1-2 people 1500 Chinese rmb total
Price: 3-4 people 1900 Chinese rmb total
Incl: private car and driver
Excl: guide, accomodation, meals, entrance fees

Other option: direct morning transfer from Dali to the Tiger Leaping gorge so you can start the trek in the gorge at the same day.

Shaxi and Shibaoshan temple 2 days

Shaxi is a perfect places to unwind and stay overnight on your way from Dali to Lijiang. On your way you visit Shibaoshan temple with old Buddhist statues.

  • Day 1 drive from Dali to Shaxi, on the way visit to Shibaoshan temple
  • Day 2 drive from Shaxi to Lijiang or Shuhe (to the Tiger Leaping gorge or Shangrila, extra costs)

Price: 1-2 people 2300 Chinese rmb total
Price: 3-4 people 2600 Chinese rmb total
Incl: private car and driver
Excl: guide, accomodation, meals, entrance fees

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