Car around Erhai Lake, Bai villages and markets

ShuanglangBai villages along Erhai Lake: we can arrange a car only with driver (no guide) around Erhai lake. Bai villages on the road are Xizhou with its daily morning market. Also you can wander around the old neighbourhood with the original Bai houses. Next stop is Zhoucheng where the local Bai women make the tie/dye tablecloths. An extra stop on Monday is the market in Shaping at the foot of the mountains. At the other side of Erhai lake you will find the fast developing Shuanglang, a former sleepy Bai fishing village but now turning into a hip place with restaurants, guesthouses and coffeeshops. Every other 5 days you can add Wase with its market on the lakeshore. After that it’s a scenic drive further along Erhai lake back to Dali old town.


1-4 people: 650 Chinese rmb, 5-6 people 750 Chinese rmb (9 -17 p.m., lunch and guide excluded)

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