Guizhou Miao Dong festival trips

Guizhou Miao festival

Colourful festivals happen all year around in Guizhou. An example is the Sister’s Meal festival, one of the most colourful festivals in Guizhou. Festivals are a unique chance for photographers to take beautiful pictures of the Miao, Dong, Gejia and Buyi people because everybody is dressed at their best. You will visit the most important places where the festivals will be celebrated. After this wonderful experience you can visit some other villages with different kind of Miao and Dong people with their own distinct costumes, jewellery and habits. A knowledgable guide will go with you to find the best festival places and villages. Our guides are experienced and know the area very well.

Some of these festivals are small and unknown, guaranteed a non touristy and authentic experience.

Best festivals in Guizhou

October 21 The 9.9 festival in Sandu area with Miao people and lusheng dance and music
November 7-10 Lusheng dance and music, a very important meeting of Miao people near Kaili
November 28 Dong song festival, organised by local governments

February Spring festival season (Chinese new year), many local daily festivals in different places
March 10-12 Bridge festival, a very interesting and unknown festival to celebrate the spirits of the bridges and roads
March 20 Bamboo-king festival, a very small and unknown festival with interesting minority groups
March 23 Dance Flower festival in Nankai area
April 9 Fire Cracker festival in Fulu area
April 9 Manren festival of the mini-skirt Miao. It’s a kind of Valentine’s day for people meeting their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.
April 20-23 Sister Meal festival in Shidong, Taijiang area, large and famous festival attracting a lot of (Chinese) tourists
May 14 april the 8 festival, a small festival in Feiyunyan
July 18 Rain dance festival

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Guizhou Dong Lusheng festival

Guizhou Gejia lusheng festival