Guizhou Miao Sisters’ Meal Festival april

Guizhou Sisters' Meal lusheng

The Sisters’ Meal Festival is celebrated by the Miao people around Kaili in Guizhou. According to the Miao elders it started a long time ago in an isolated area as a means for the ‘old’ (22 years) unmarried girls to find a husband. The parents of the girls organized a festival to present their daughters in their best outfits. They invited surrounding villagers and presented them with their best dishes, homemade wine and the sisters’ meal festival was born. It became a huge success and despite new roads being built and online dating the festival keeps going, until now.

These days many Miao women dress up in their best clothes and come to Shidong, a small village along a river in Kaili area. Sisters’ Meal festival always starts with a welcome ceremony to greet all visitors with glutinous rice and red eggs, red being the colour for good luck and happiness. Some of the rice is coloured with the dyes of different leaves, berries and flowers and then cooked in bamboo tubes. Some of the colored rice is shaped into balls that hold ‘hidden treasures’ and are gifts from the girls to the boys. If a boy finds a pine needle in his riceball it means the girls wants him to give her embroidery needles. A thorn, two chopsticks or a red flower petal tells the lucky guy that he is Mr. Right. A single chopstick, some garlic or chili means a flat refusal.

Apart from having a traditional family meal and homebrewed drinks there is singing, drum dancing and a dancing competition between the villages. The Miao women wear silver neck rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, hair pins and combs, rings and pendants, phoenix crowns and elaborate headpieces. The Miao believe that silver, representing light, will scare away evil spirits. Silver is of course also a symbol of wealth and beauty. The costumes are mostly handmade with intricately embroidered skirts, blouses, aprons and jackets, all decorated with silver ornaments.

There are several other villages with interesting Dong and Miao festivals in other months. Apart from the festivals, Guizhou has plenty to offer to make a beautiful (photo)trip to non touristy minority villages in the middle of riceterraces and green hills. Despite the growing number of (Chinese) tourists, Guizhou is relatively quiet, it’s only a matter of going to the right places.

You can book this Sisters’ Meal festival trip on an individual basis or join in with a group.

April 19 arrival in Guiyang, drive to Kaili

April 20 Kaili – Zhenyuan
Heading to Shidong for the Sisters’ meal festival. Drive to Zhenyuan in the afternoon.

April 21 Zhenyuan – Jidao
Free morning in Zhenyuan, visit the backstreets of this old town and walk to Black dragon cave on the riverbank. Drive back to Kaili in the afternoon and spend the night at a local Miao house in a small village along the river.

April 22 Jidao – Rongjiang
Leave Jidao, visit the long skirt Miao village Langde, see their welcome ceremony and Lusheng dance and beautiful costumes. After lunch go to Datang, a short skirt Miao village with its unique rice storage huts above waterponds.

April 23 Rongjiang – Jiabang
Drive to Moon mountain area, a beautiful area with villages and fantastic riceterraces. On the way visit some villages and good photospots. Overnight at a guesthouse in a Miao village with an amazing view over the riceterraces.

April 24 Jiabang – Zhaoxing
Leave Jiabang in the morning, visit a Dong villages on the road, drive to Zhaoxing village, with its elegant architecture of drum towers and wind and rain bridges.

April 25 Zhaoxing- Guilin
In the morning visit Tang’an village with its breathtaking panorama across the whole valley. You can hike back to Zhaoxing through the riceterraces. In the afternoon take the high-speed train to Guilin.

2 people: 6550 Chinese RMB per person
4 people: 4500 Chinese RMB per person
6 people: 4000 Chinese RMB per person
8 people: 3480 Chinese RMB per person

Including: private car with driver, English speaking guide, accomodation in standard hotels/ basic guesthouses and homestay incl (simple) BF, driver’s and guide’s accommodation and meals, tickets for Zhaoxing/ Langde/ Datang, high speed train from Congjiang to Guilin

Excluding: tips for driver and guide (suggestion: 50-100 Chinese RMB per day, per guide, per driver), hotel in Guilin, transport to Guiyang and from Guilin

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Guizhou Sisters' Meal

Guizhou Sisters meal

Guizhou Sisters' Meal