Guizhou February daily festival trip

Guizhou festival Dong baby

If you are interested in an authentic trip packed with festivals, February is the best month to travel to Guizhou. There are so many different festivals that you can daily visit another one, hosted by one of the various ethnic groups.

Despite the fact that Guizhou is developing fast and villages are making way for new highways, it’s still one of our favourite places. It’s simply a matter of knowing where (not) to go. We have expert knowledge of unknown, small scale festivals held in villages. On top of that we have personal connections with the local people. This unique combination makes our trips special and different from others.

This is just an example of some of the festivals held around Chinese new year (Spring festival). There are plenty of other villages with interesting festivals. All we need to do for you is to work out a program around your available dates.

Chinese New Year Festival trip for 2020

January 31 Arrival at  Guiyang airport

February 1 Jumping Moon Festival of the White Skirt Miao

February 2 Taiwanggong Festival of the ‘old’ Han people

February 3 Jumping Flower Festival of the Longhorn Miao

February 4 Festival of the Buyi people

February 5 Festival of the Side-hair Miao

February 6 Festival of the Tall-Pointed Hat Miao

February 7 Visit the impressive riceterraces

February 8 Visit a village where they make paper by hand and join the festival of the Zhouxi Miao. In the evening celebrate the Lantern Festival with fireworks and dragon dances.

February 9 Festival of the Red Miao

February 10 Visit Langde Miao village and enjoy their welcome ceremony

February 11 Visit the magnificent Jiabang rice terraces

February 12 In the morning visit some authentic Dong villages. Then on to Zhaoxing, the biggest Dong village with its beautiful wooden drumtowers and covered wind- and rain bridges

February 13 Light hiking around Zhaoxing

February 14 Highspeed train to Guilin

Price: 16800 chinese rmb per person (price in euro)

Private car with driver
English speaking guide
Hotels incl BF
Entrance fees for Langde and Zhaoxing

Tips for guide and driver
Train tickets

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Guizhou festival

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