Hangzhou and Suzhou

Hangzhou was described by Marco Polo as ‘the most beautiful and elegant city in the world’. Nowadays Hangzhou is a bustling city. Relative peace can be found at West lake and the Lingyin (Soul’s Retreat) Temple, a beautiful Buddhist monastery. The temple also features a large number of grottoes and religious rock carvings. Besides that Hangzhou is a good place to go to a tea plantation and taste some of the famous Dragon well tea.

Both Xiamen and Hangzhou can be reached from Amsterdam by direct flights run by KLM.

Suzhou is a city with historical significance and beautiful landscape gardens, the most famous being the Humble Administrator’s Garden, listed as a UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Site. Suzhou is a ‘water town’ filled with canals and bridges. Life around the canals still shows you glimpses of a very old lifestyle. Suzhou, the historic silk capital of China also offers an excellent chance to see for yourself how the world famous Chinese silk is produced in a silk factory. Other interesting things to do are visiting the Tiger Hill and the Suzhou Museum.

Suzhou can be reached easily by train or car from Shanghai.

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