China visa

Everybody travelling to China with a non-Chinese passport needs a Chinese visa. You need to apply beforehand at your nearest Chinese embassy. Upon boarding the airplane to China the staff will check your passport for the Chinese visa. There are no visa upon arrival for China, not by air, sea or land.

Nowadays a lot of Chinese embassies use a Visa Application Service Centre as a front office. This means you need to send your paperwork to one of these centres and after checking they will forward your application to the Chinese embassy. It depends on the country where you apply what information is exactly needed to get a Chinese visa. When you book a trip with us, we will send you the official confirmations of booked hotels and an officially confirmed program with necessary stamps, in case you need them.

A standard tourist Chinese visa is valid for a single entry of 30 days from the date of arrival. You need to use the visa within 3 months after issueing. You can apply for a Chinese visa 2 months ahead. As soon as you travel from China to Macao or Hong Kong, you will be stamped out of China and your visa has been used up. In case of visiting Macau or Hongkong it’s best to plan this at the beginning or end of your trip otherwise you need to apply for a double entry. If for example you have need to go from Hong Kong back to China because your flight is from Guangzhou, Beijing or Shanghai you need a new Chinese visa or a second entry on your double entry visa. You can also get a new Chinese visa in Hong Kong but it costs time and money. You don’t need a visa for Hongkong or Macau, upon arrival you get a free tourist visa for 30 days.

Special permits for Tibet
If you travel to Tibet you need, in addition to your Chinese visa, a special Tibet permit. This can only be obtained by travelagencies with the right contacts in China. You cannot arrange it by yourself in any other way. In order to get this permit you will need to book hotels, transport and a guide in advance. Before boarding a plane or train to Tibet, your permits will be checked. If you don’t have a permit you will be denied access. Since 2008 the overlandroutes from China (from Sichuan or Yunnan) are closed for foreigners and no overlandpermits have been issued since. The only way to enter Tibet is by plane or train with a valid Tibet permit.

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