What to do in Beijing?

Beijing Great Wall

One of our favourite things to do in Beijing is biking and with this we mean ride your own bike and not sit in one of the touristy rickshaws. Biking is great as it gives you a closer look into real life and it makes you more aware of all around you. Riding along the moat of the Forbidden City and circling Tiananmen square will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Beijing is an excellent start of your China tour. Take a train to the Terracotta army in Xi’an, fly to the pandas in Chengdu and enjoy the splendid mountains and riceterraces in the south.

Our biketours take you through the old hutongs, along the Yuan dynasty city wall and finishes at the Olympic Park with venues like the Bird’s Nest and the Watercube. In the evening Beijing’s centre is beautifully illuminated which makes the end of the afternoon a great time to start the tour. When you feel like snacking, go on a foodsafari to eat strange things on a stick. If you are not an adventure-snacker don’t worry, other snacks are also available.

Going to Beijing means going to the Great Wall of China. In Chinese the Great Wall is called the Long Wall and it sure is long, the best preserved part dates back to the Ming dynasty and measures 8000 km. There are different parts of the wall you can go to which offer longer or shorter hikes. The shorter is for most people strenuous enough as the steps on the wall are pretty steep and high! Badaling is closest to Beijing but we recommend to drive a bit further to the lesser visited Mutianyu. We can arrange a private car to get there. If you leave early morning you’ll have time left to visit the Summerpalace in the afternoon.

Other highlights in Beijing are of course the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen square and the Temple of Heaven. If you have time, don’t forget the Lamatemple with its fragrant Buddha, sculpted out of sandalwood.

Another interesting thing to do in Beijing is to walk around in the hutongs and discover daily life. Hutongs are typical Beijing neighbourhoods with narrow lanes, small shops, markets and family restaurants. As people tend to live in small houses, a lot of socializing is outside on the streets.

If you’re interested in Chinese cuisine you can join a culinary walk and have a cup of tea on the go. Talking about tea, Beijing is one of those places with great teahouses. Get introduced to the wide varieties of Chinese teas and see the proper way of preparing a seemingly simple cup of tea.

Additionallly we offer a wide array of short lessons in tai qi, calligraphy or Chinese cooking classes. Or can go and check out the hip and cool Artdistrict 798. Or we can help you to have a silk dress made or hunt down antiques or trinkets.

Evenings aren’t boring either, there are fantastic shows in Beijing with acrobats, Kungfu flighters and splendidly made up actors in the Beijing Opera.

Beijing opera make up

Beijing Bird's Nest