Family trip with children: cities and nature 22 days

China Yunnan Shaxi valley

The relaxed pace of this family trip is ideal when travelling with children in order to enjoy quality time together as a family. You maximize your time with the comfortable private transfers and flights.

The trip is well balanced between big cities which offer plenty of cultural sights and the countryside with its mountain villages and riceterraces. Your accomodation is often in small-scale boutique hotels, built in traditional style. Wherever possible we’ll book family rooms for example in the friendly and colourful Jim’s Tibetan Hotel in Dali.

You”ll arrive in China’s capital, Beijing, which is famous for its historical sights. In Beijing we offer a number of family friendly excursions. A visit to the Great Wall is obviously on the bucketlist but it’s as interesting to do a quest through Beijing’s hutongs or bike like a local. The next adventure is taking a comfortable (sleeper)train to Xi’an to admire the Terracotta army. After the magnificent clay soldiers you’ll fly towards south China to Chengdu, the city of the pandas, tea houses and the impressive Giant Buddha of Leshan.

After a week of city hopping it’s time for the countryside. In Lijiang and Dali you’ll find yourself amidst the splendid mountains of Yunnan. A special treat is the stay in the definitely non touristy Naxi village of Wumu (Lijiang area). Here the Naxi families live on the rhythm of the seasons. It’s a great area for beautiful mountain walks and a fantastic view on the mighty Yangtse river.

Shaxi is a small Bai town and many of the authenthic old houses used to be owned by families who traded on the tea horse caravan trails in the mountains. Dali is famous for its Erhai lake, the green riceterraces and its colourful minority people like the Bai and Yi. Highly recommended comes an interesting trip to the Yi people, a colourful market and a peaceful local temple. With a bit of luck, Henriette (the owner of China Minority Travel) will be your guide. Xihu lake is a pleasant, quiet surprise and a great alternative to Erhai lake. Take a ride in a wooden boat and enjoy the life in and around the water.

After a day’s travelling you find yourself in the middle of the wonderful karstmountains of Yangshuo, a fantastic place to bike, hike, make a raft tour across the river or just relax and enjoy the magnificent view. The trip finishes in Guilin and depending on your next destination you either take a train or plane to for example Shenzhen, Guangzhou (for onwards travel to Hong Kong), Shanghai or other cities.
Route: all mentioned excursions can be booked seperately.

Day 1 arrival Beijing
What to do in Beijing?
Day 2 Beijing
Day 3 Beijing
Day 4 Beijing
Day 5 (sleeper)train to Xi’an

Tip: with a daytime highspeedtrain it only takes 4 hours from Beijing to Xi’an.
Day 6 arrival Xi’an
Day 7 Xi’an
excursion to the Terracotta army
Day 8 Xi’an – flight to Chengdu
Day 9 Chengdu
visit the pandas and the Giant Buddha of Leshan
Day 10 Chengdu – flight to Lijiang
Day 11 Lijiang
half a day bike trip to Naxi villages
2 day trek throught the Tiger Leaping gorge
2 day trek to Wenhai
daytrip or 2 day trip to the red mouontains of Liming
Day 12 private car and driver to authentic Naxi village Wumu
Day 13 Wumu
Day 14 priate car and driver to Shaxi and  visit Shibaoshan temples on the way

Day 15 Shaxi

Day 16 private car and driver to Dali, on the way visit Bai villages and a trip by wooden boat to Xihu lake

Day 17 Dali daytrip to the Yi people, market and peaceful temple (if available Henriette, the owner of China Minority Travel will be your guide)
Day 18 Dali – expres public bus or private car with driver to Kunming- flight or train to Guilin- private car to Yangshuo
Day 19 Yangshuo
biking, hiking, bamboo raft tour, phototour to old houses in villages, amazing light show directed by Zhang Yimou, cormorant fishing
Day 20 Yangshuo
Day 21 Yangshuo
Day 22 Yangshuo – Guilin and on to your next destination by train or plane and flight back home

This is a tailormade trip and prices are available on request. International flights are to be booked by yourselves. We’d love to hear from you!

Yunnan China Heijing kids making salt

China trek Tiger Leaping gorge