City highlights, mountains and riceterraces in 21 days

China Xizhou harvest

During this tour in China you will not only see cultural highlights in cities like Beijing but also travel south through magnificent landscapes and visit colourfully dressed mountain people. You arrive in China’s capital, Beijing to go to the Great Wall. In Pingyao and Xi’an you travel back in time by visiting the amazingly well preserved old merchant houses and the impressive Terracotta army. Going south to Chengdu you can enjoy the cute pandas and the bustling teahouses. Speaking of tea, in the former tea horse caravan towns Shaxi and Dali you can visit the colourful local markets which haven’t changed much and are still going strong. The tour finishes with Pingan and Yangshuo. Pingan lies on top of a hill and is the perfect place to hike the steep riceterraces and enjoy the great views. The picturesque Yangshuo with its amazing karstmountains is very suitable for bike-, boat- and bamboo raft rides. At the end a fast train will take you to the busy city life of Hong Kong or to another Chinese city.

Beijing- Pingyao- Xi’an- Chengdu- Lijiang- Shaxi- Dali- Kunming- Yangshuo- Pingan- Hongkong/ Shanghai or other Chinese city

Day 1 Arrival Beijing, transfer to hotel
Day 2 Beijing, excursion to the Great Wall with private car
Day 3 Beijing
Day 4 Beijing-Pingyao, transfer to trainstation and nighttrain (softsleepers) to Pingyao
Day 5 Pingyao
Day 6 Pingyao-Xi’an, transfer to trainstation and nighttrain (softsleepers) to Xi’an
Day 7 Xi’an
Day 8 Xi’an, excursion Terracotta army with private car
Day 9 Xi’an, transfer to airport or trainstation for flight or train to Chengdu
Day 10 Chengdu, private car to panda breeding centre
Day 11 Chengdu, transfer from and to airports and flight to Lijiang
Day 12 private car LijiangShaxi, on the road visit Shibaoshan temple
Day 13 private car Shaxi-Dali, on the road visit tie-dye village Zhoucheng and Xizhou
Day 14 Dali
Day 15 public expres bus Dali- Kunming, flight or (night)train Kunming- Guilin
Day 16 Guilin, private car to Yangshuo
Day 17 Yangshuo, bike trip along ricepaddies and karstmountains, incl bikes, guide, lunch
Day 18 Yangshuo
Day 19 private car Yangshuo- Pingan
Day 20 Pingan
Day 21 Yangshuo- transfer to Guilin trainstation, fast train to Shenzhen and independant easy crossing the border to Hong Kong

2 people: 12600 Chinese RMB per person
4 people: 9980 Chinese RMB per person

1. stay in smallscale boutique hotels (if available) and traditional guesthouses incl breakfast
2. private car with(out) guide according to program
3. excursions according to program
4. bus tickets Dali-Kunming
5. train tickets Beijing- Pingyao and Pingyao-Xi’an
6. flight Chengdu-Lijiang

1. flight or train Xi’an-Chengdu & Kunming- Guilin
FYI: flight Xi’an-Chengdu and Kunming-Guilin cost about 800-1000 Chinese RMB per person. Depending on your date of booking flights are often discounted. The fastest trains take about 12 and 17 hours and cost 300-500 Chinese RMB per person.
2. hotel day 15 and hotel in Hong Kong
3. optional tours
4. meals and entrance fees
5. tips for guides and drivers

1. If you don’t want to stay overnight in a sleepertrain you can travel by daytrain or take a flight. In that case there will be extra travel- and hotel costs.
2. In every place we can arrange daytrips, private transport and a local guide.
3. In some places you can opt for a hotel with a swimming pool, usually it’s an indoor pool.
4. You can start or finish your trip in another town like Shanghai, Guangzhou etc.

Other (non-touristy) (day)trips:
Dali trip to Yi market
Dali – Lijiang – Shuhe car via Shaxi & Shibaoshan temple
dali: car around Erhai
Dali: car to Yi market
Lijiang bike trip
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Non touristy daytrips
Dali: Jim’s Tibetan hotel
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