Xishuangbanna Tropical Trekking and Villages 4 days

Xishuangbanna China Aini girl

The best time for a trek in Xishuangbanna is the dry season which is from about October till March/April. The other months are warm/hot and because of the rain trails can be muddy. This trekking is a combination of light trekking, a colourful market and a Dai Buddhist temple. This trip is also suitable for families with older children. If you’re interested in a trek with hiking of several hours a day then we recommend our other trek in Xishuangbanna.

This hike takes you through bits of jungle and forests along waterfalls, sugarcane- and tea plantations. Xishuangbanna is the subtropical part of China bordering on to Laos and Burma. Except for Jinghong and its direct surroundings, this area is not very developed for tourism. Many of the hilltribe people live in villages which can sometimes only be reached by foot. You’ll pass Bulang, Aini and Dai villages. During the trekking days you’ll hike 3-4 hrs.

Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna has an airport and can be reached from Kunming, Dali or Lijiang. From Xishuangbanna you can cross the border into Laos.

Day 1 private car and guide to a tea plantation and a walk through a part of a rainforest with 300-800 year old tea trees. On the way you can have a cup of tea on a local tea plantation run by Aini people. Then drive on to Menghai.

Day 2 First see a colourful market in Menghai visited by Lahu, Hani, Dai, Aini and Bulang people and visit a beautiful countryside temple. On the road you stop at a Dai village where they still make paper by hand. This is a special kind of paper used for wrapping the pressed tea bricks. Afterwards you hike for about 3 hrs through the hills passing Aini and Bulang villages. Overnight in an Aini village (basic homestay).

Day 3 Continue the trek along fields, forests and tea plantations to another Aini village. Overnight in an Aini village (basic homestay).

Day 4 Continue the hike across hills and through Bulang villages towards the end. Take a private car back to Jinghong.

Price for 2 people: 3980 Chinese RMB per persoon
Including: hotel in Menghai, 2 homestays in Aini villages, English speaking guide, private transport according to program, 2 dinners at the homestays
Excluding: hotel in Jinghong, other meals, tips for guide and driver

Ake people

Xishuangbanna market

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