Guizhou February daily festival trip

Guizhou festival Dong baby

If you are interested in an authentic trip packed with festivals, February is the best month to travel to Guizhou. There are so many different festivals that you can daily visit another one, hosted by one of the various ethnic groups.

Despite the fact that Guizhou is developing fast and villages are making way for new highways, it’s still one of our favourite places. It’s simply a matter of knowing where (not) to go. We have expert knowledge of unknown, small scale festivals held in villages. On top of that we have personal connections with the local people. This unique combination makes our trips special and different from others.

This is just an example of some festivals held around Chinese new year (Spring festival) which is February 8, 2016. There are plenty of other villages with interesting festivals. All we need to do is to work out a program around your available time.

Day 1 arrive Guiyang
2 Guiyang – Zhaoxing
3 Zhaoxing (Taiguanren in a small village nearby)
4 Zhaoxing (Dong Lusheng meeting nearby)
5 Rongjiang (Caigetang festival of Dong)
6 Kaili
7 Kaili (Miao Lusheng meeting)
8 Guiyang (Moon dance festival)
9 Liuzhi (Old han people, Taiwanggong festival)
10 Anshun (Long horn Miao, dance flower festival)
11 Ziyun
12 Kaili (Changshun dance flower festival of Miao)
13 Danzhai (Miao Lusheng meeting)
14 Danzhai (Paidiao Miao Lusheng meeting)
15 Taijian (Yuanxiao festival)
16 Kaili (Gejia Lusheng festival)
17 Guiyang (Little flower Miao Moon dance festival)

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Guizhou festival

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