Dali: Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Jim's Tibetan Hotel garden
A great hotel in Dali is Jim’s Tibetan Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel built in colourful traditional Bai and Tibetan style. Look at our personally guided, very interesting daytrips in Dali.

Walk through Jim’s Tibetan Hotel in this wonderful short video on Youtube!

Book a room in Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Hotel reservations: jimstibetanhotel@gmail.com

Jim’s Tibetan Hotel in Dali

We have 15 rooms with private bathrooms and a choice of singles, doubles, triples and 4 bed rooms. The 3 and 4-bed rooms are very suitable for families travelling with children. All beds are all soft and comfortable. Rooms have telephones for (inter)national IP calls, tv, wireless internet and a watercooker. Downstairs is the restaurant, bar and a relaxing green garden. The rooftopterrace and rooftop bar have wonderful views on Erhai lake and the Dali mountains, in the evening you can enjoy the stars and see the lit up city walls. Just outside the rooms on the wide balconies are bamboo tables and chairs for comfortable private seating. The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture, designed in traditional local style and made by hand. All rooms have wooden floors and private bathrooms with western toilets, a shower and/or bathtub (ground floor only) and heating lamps. In winter we provide electric blankets for the beds and upon request a heater.

For the cool winters: all rooms have hot air-conditioning!


Contact Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Phone in China: 0872-2677824 or 0872-2440014
Phone from outside China: 0086-872-2677824 or 0086-872-2440014
Fax in China: 0872-2677823
Fax from outside China: 0086-872-2677823

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Prices Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

  • Single/double room with a double bed or twin beds: 280 Chinese rmb (breakfast included)
  • 3 bed room: 380 Chinese rmb (breakfast included)
  • 4 bed room: 480 Chinese rmb (breakfast included)

Breakfast (western): any style eggs, pancakes, yoghurt, muesli, fruit juice, coffee or tea

For your information: each 3 and 4 bed room consists of 2 rooms and one bathroom. The rooms are connected with an inside door. Each of the 2 rooms has either 2 twin beds or 1 double bed inside.

Facilities Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Jim's Tibetan hotel rooftopterrace

  • Restaurant & bar: Tibetan, Chinese and Western food & drinks
  • Bike rental, incl bikes with children’s backseats
  • Tai Chi lessons
  • Laundry service
  • Car service for trips close by or further away
  • Transfer from and to airport
  • Expres public bus tickets to Kunming and Lijiang
  • Tailormade China trips:daytrips in Dali, Tibet trips, trekkings
  • Childfriendly surroundings: swing, sandpit, toys
  • Free baby bed for children until 2 years
  • Comfortable and SOFT beds
  • Free wireless internet
  • Wide balcony with private seating in front of the rooms
  • Lovely green garden with flowers and trees
  • Rooftop terrace with rooftop cafe/bar/ restaurant
  • (Inter)national IP telephone in rooms and reception
  • TV with English channel
  • Heating lamps in bathroom
  • Electric blankets
  • Electric heater
  • Luggage storage
  • Safety box in reception
  • Hairdryer in room
  • Credit card facility (4% service charge for international cards, 2% for Chinese cards)

Jim's Tibetan furniture

How to get to Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Taxi drivers don’t speak English and only read Chinese characters so copy the address in Chinese and show it to the driver.

Address in Chinese

Jim’s Tibetan Hotel吉姆藏式酒店
Address: Lu Yu Xiao Qu Yu Yuan Xiang 4 地址:绿玉小区玉苑巷4号
Dali old town 大理古城
Tel/电话: 0872- 2677824/ 0872-2440014

Pick up from Dali airport

There are no airport busses to old Dali so you have to take a taxi and show the driver the address in Chinese (copy the address above). Be careful with non-booked taxidrivers: they don’t always take you to the right hotel as they get commission in other hotels. The airport is about 40-50 min drive. We can arrange a safe pick-up for you. Costs are incl. luggage for 1-2 people 200 Chinese rmb, 3-4 people 300 Chinese rmb, 5-6 people 380 Chinese rmb.

Private car from Kunming (airport or hotel) to Dali

By private car from Kunming: we can pick you up at/ send you to Kunming airport, Kunming railwaystation or your hotel in Kunming.  The ride takes about 5 hours and is quite scenic as it goes through the mountains.

  • Price: 1-3 people 2000 Chinese rmb, 4-6 people 2300 Chinese rmb
  • Included: driver, express highway fees
  • Excluded: guide and lunch

Private car Dali from/ to Lijiang

To go to Lijiang we can arrange a private car with driver (no guide) directly to Lijiang (about 3 hours) or with stops on the way in the Bai village Shaxi and/or Shibaoshan temple (full day). Both routes are scenic and mountainous. If you want to have a more relaxed trip and you want to spend a quiet afternoon in a countryside village we recommend changing the trip into a 2 day trip and stay overnight in Shaxi.

Shaxi is a pleasant Bai village surrounded by ricefields and you can easily walk to the other close by villages. The village has managed to preserve the authentic traditional Bai houses. For a short stop during the transfer from Dali to Lijiang an hour is enough but if you want a relaxing day in your busy travelschedule then Shaxi is a perfect place to unwind and stay overnight.

Shibaoshan temple is a former monastery where ancient Buddhist statues can be admired. The sculptures represent so-called king-gods who used to have both political and religious power. It’s a true miracle that these statues have survived the cultural revolution and for people interested in Buddhist sculptures not to be missed. Shibaoshan is also an important place for Bai Buddhist pilgrims to get together on Buddhist and local festivals.

Full daytrip from Dali to Lijiang with stops in Shibaoshan temple and Shaxi

Total about 6 hrs ride plus sightseeing 2,5 hrs: 1-4 people 1100 Chinese rmb total, 5-6 people 1300 Chinese rmb total.
Prices excludes lunch, entrance fees, guide.
From Dali 8 a.m. departure, arrival in Lijiang about 18:00 p.m.
Time to spend in Shaxi: 1 hour, time to spend in Shibaoshan: 1,5 hrs.

Directly to Lijiang

about 3 hrs ride: 1-4 people 850 Chinese rmb, 5-6 people: 1050 Chinese rmb.

By public bus from Kunming

You arrive at the busstation in Xiaguan (new Dali): take a taxi and show the driver the address in Chinese. It’s about 20 minutes from new Dali (Xiaguan) to Dali Old Town.

By train from Kunming

You arrive at the railway station in new Dali/ Xiaguan, it’s about 20 minutes to Dali old town. Take a taxi and show the driver the address in Chinese. Private car pick up 1-3 people incl luggage costs 180 Chinese rmb.

By public bus from Lijiang

When you see the three pagodas on your right hand side you have to get off along the highway at Dali Old Town. Take a taxi and show the driver the address in Chinese.

By train from Lijiang

you arrive at the busstation in Xiaguan (new Dali): take a taxi and show the driver the address in Chinese. It’s about 20 minutes from new Dali (Xiaguan) to Dali Old Town. Pls note that Lijiang trainstation is quite far away from lijiang old town. Incl all the transfers from and to Lijiang/Dali trainstation you will spend as much time as if you’d take a public bus or private car.

In Dali old town

Upon arrival in Dali, walk or take taxi : copy the address in Chinese and show it to the driver. With your back to the small South gate on the Bo Ai Lu follow the English signs: follow the Yu Lu Lu and then take the first street on your right hand side called Yu Xiu Lu. The hotel is in the bend up the street.