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South China Tours

South China with its impressive nature and colourful people is our favourite area. Green riceterraces, water buffaloes, farmers villages at the foot of snow capped mountains, yaks and monks are just a few words that cannot begin to describe the diversity of south China. 

Our tours offer a good mix between the beautiful nature and the colourful minorities of south China. Local markets, villages, a hike, a boat or bike trip it’s all here. Below follow some example tours but they can always be adjusted to your timeframe and wishes.

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Dali: Jim’s Tibetan Hotel

Jim's Tibetan Hotel garden
A great hotel in Dali is Jim’s Tibetan Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel built in colourful traditional Bai and Tibetan style. Look at our personally guided, very interesting daytrips in Dali.

Yunnan trekking: snow capped mountains and green valleys

Yunnan is a great destination for trekking. Its geographical diversity is incredible. Snow covered mountains, limestone & karst mountains, volcanoes and tropical jungles, it’s all there.  Find yourself gazing at imposing mountains and green valleys where the only connections between villages are small foot paths. An unforgettable experience.

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Family trip with children: cities and nature 22 days

The relaxed pace of this family trip is ideal when travelling with children in order to enjoy quality time together as a family. You maximize your time with the comfortable private transfers and flights. The trip is well balanced between big cities which offer plenty of cultural sights and the countryside with its mountain villages and riceterraces. Your accomodation is often in small-scale boutique hotels, built in traditional style. Wherever possible we’ll book family rooms for example in the friendly and colourful Jim’s Tibetan Hotel in Dali. You”ll arrive...

What to do in Beijing?

One of our favourite things to do in Beijing is biking and with this we mean ride your own bike and not sit in one of the touristy rickshaws. Biking is great as it gives you a closer look into real life and it makes you more aware of all around you. Riding along the moat of the Forbidden City and circling Tiananmen square will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Beijing is an excellent start of your China tour. Take a train to the Terracotta army in Xi’an, fly...

Dali daytrip: Yi minority, market and temple trip

These bigger and smaller markets only run on certain days and are not touristy. In case there is no market we will take you to another nice, non-touristy village with old houses. The trip will be guided by Henriette Buist or Jim (Jim’s Tibetan Hotel). These experienced guides will take you to places you would otherwise not see. Through their wealth of knowledge you will have a most interesting and enjoyable trip! Yi market This full daytrip goes to the minority markets of the Yi-people. They are one of...

South China minorities and nature 14 days

See the most beautiful parts of South China and maximize your limited time without rushing. This is a colourful trip both culture and naturewise. You’ll see many different people and landscapes ranging from riceterraces to snowy mountains. If you have more time you can extend your trip with a visit to other places like Beijing, Xi’an, Pingyao, Chengdu, Shanghai etc. The trip can be adjusted to your wishes. We can arrange all domestic flights in China including flights to or from Hong Kong. Discover green riceterraces and snowy mountains...

South China: nature and minorities 22 days

During this China tour you travel through magnificent landscapes and you’ll visit colourfully dressed mountain people. You arrive in Chengdu, the place to be for a visit to the giant pandas and teahouses in the temples and parks. Next stop is Yunnan, a wonderful place with high mountains, green riceterraces and colourful markets in Dali and Shaxi. You will continue the trip to the green, hilly province of Guizhou, home to the Miao and Dong people. The older women still wear their traditional, self embroidered skirts and jackets. The...

Culture and Nature highlights 21 days

During this tour in China you will not only see cultural highlights in cities like Beijing but also travel south through magnificent landscapes and visit colourfully dressed mountain people. You arrive in China’s capital, Beijing to go to the Great Wall. In Pingyao and Xi’an you travel back in time by visiting the amazingly well preserved old merchant houses and the impressive Terracotta army. Going south to Chengdu you can enjoy the cute pandas and the bustling teahouses. Speaking of tea, in the former tea horse caravan towns Shaxi...

Hidden gems in China: ‘Avatar’ mountains and minority villages 13 days

This China tour takes you off the beaten track to Hunan province, one of the highlights being the stunning landscape of Zhangjiajie with its thousands of karst peaks, a truly impressive sight. Amongst Chinese Hunan is famous being the birthplace of Mao Zedong but it’s little known to most foreigners. It is a very green province as the Yangtse river delivers plenty of water which has created lively, picturesque rivertowns like Fenghuang and Dehang. Many of the small towns consist of simple wooden houses but some became rich and...

Guizhou Miao Dong festival trips

Colourful festivals happen all year around in Guizhou. An example is the Sister’s Meal festival, one of the most colourful festivals in Guizhou. Festivals are a unique chance for photographers to take beautiful pictures of the Miao, Dong, Gejia and Buyi people because everybody is dressed at their best. You will visit the most important places where the festivals will be celebrated. After this wonderful experience you can visit some other villages with different kind of Miao and Dong people with their own distinct costumes, jewellery and habits. A...

Guizhou Miao Sisters’ Meal Festival april

The Sisters’ Meal Festival is celebrated by the Miao people around Kaili in Guizhou. According to the Miao elders it started a long time ago in an isolated area as a means for the ‘old’ (22 years) unmarried girls to find a husband. The parents of the girls organized a festival to present their daughters in their best outfits. They invited surrounding villagers and presented them with their best dishes, homemade wine and the sisters’ meal festival was born. It became a huge success and despite new roads being...

Guizhou Long Horn Miao

The Miao people are one of the largest minority groups in China, more than 9 million, about half of them living in Guizhou. The self-given name Long Horned Miao refers to the women who look spectacular with their own (and false) hair wrapped around a large horn-shaped wooden comb. In the past this comb was smaller and the tips only just protruded out from the hair. In more recent times, and especially amongst older people, the comb is extremely wide, almost the size of buffalo horns. During festival times...